Feature freeze / Translations

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OK, the new features and improvements over 0.8.7 are now pretty stable and mature enough for prime time. The current cycle will be mostly focused on updating translations, user manual and bug fixing.

Translating Kinovea is as simple as downloading a spreadsheet and filling in the gaps. (learn more on this page).
If you start a new language please post in this thread indicating which language you are starting to work on.

idea – A Polish speaking contributor is needed to update the Polish locale (currently 52% complete).

contributorThe most wanted list :
(Languages not already in Kinovea sorted by number of visitors of on the website (based on country of origin))
1. Japanese
2. Russian
3. Swedish
4. Arabic
5. Korean

Thanks for your help !


In addition to the many ways to help Kinovea, like community support in the forums, translation or coding, you can now help funding the project by making donations.

These donations will be used for various investments including website hosting, hardware, camera testing and technical books.

To donate, use the button on the right side bar :-D

The many ways to contribute to Kinovea


Here is a quick list and where the contributions may happen :

Provide forum support
Share your knowledge of Kinovea on the forum by pointing other users to specific online documentation pages.
Provide troubleshooting steps for their individual questions.

Reproduce bugs
Get to the bug tracker and locate the bugs highlighted in red.
Read the comments, try to reproduce the issue. Add more infos on how to reproduce, if it is only reproduced on a specific version, etc.

Participate in feature design
Threads will be posted on the forum to discuss how a particular feature should work.
Your input and feedback is highly needed.

Participate in architecture design
Discussions will be started on the development mailing list to design how a particular feature should be implemented.

Fix bugs
Check out the source code and send some patches.

Improve the user manual
A special section on the wiki is exported to the user manual.
Read the instructions and start editing pages.

Translate interface into other languages
Threads will be posted on the forum when development is freezed and translations synchronized.

Translate the user guide into other languages
The user manual section on the wiki has namespaces for some languages. You can edit pages directly from there.
Ask in the forum to have your language there if it’s not already.

(The discussion follows elsewhere)

Temporary freeze : Translation call !

We are getting closer to a formal release and the latest experimental releases are becoming more and more stable.

I’m not sure about what other features and fixes are going to be included into the next official release, but I can guarantee that there will not be any changes to the interface during the next 4 to 5 weeks. (because I’m on vacation :D )

This is a good time to update the localizations, and catch up with all the new strings added or modified since 0.7.10.

So to all concerned : ding ding ding, feature freeze ! :D
I already sent a mail to some of you that had contributed to this effort before or proposed to help.

Already confirmed : Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Greek, Turkish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish !

If you want to start a language that is not in the list yet, you are more than welcome.

Please add your name to this new dedicated forum thread, stating which language you are starting to work on.

I think it’s best to have at most 1 or 2 people per language for the initial translation. (Then of course after this initial stage any one can suggest adjustments).
If someone is already working on the language you could do, ask if help is needed and we’ll try to organize.

As always, this is a great opportunity to add value to the project, by allowing many users world while to use Kinovea in their native language.

Thank you !