Kinovea 0.8.15

We are excited to release Kinovea 0.8.15, the new version of your open source video analysis toolkit !

Now in 16 languages, with several new features, usability and functional improvements, as well as bug fixes.

Download Kinovea 0.8.15

New features include:
The Capture screen : directly stream live action from your camcorder into Kinovea; record images and videos; or delay the live stream for self coaching.
Observational references : overlay complex drawings or images as motion guides on top of the video.
Dual Export: save composite output from your comparison analysis.

See also:
- A more complete list of changes (What’s new in Kinovea 0.8.15)
- The Online Manual (Also in Italian, French).
- The Feature list (PDF) (Also in Italian, French).

With the introduction of live capture this version is an important milestone for the project, and another leap forward.
As always, early adopters feedback has been crucial to drive the developement: Thanks !

Kinovea 0.8.7

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of the latest release of Kinovea, the version 0.8.7!

The installer is available here : Kinovea.Setup.0.8.7.exe.

The main new features (relatively to 0.7.10) are the following:

* Massive work from translators all over the world -> Kinovea is now available in 14 languages.
* Measurements of line length and point speed.
* Overview feature -> Visual summary of the video.
* Export data to OpenOffice calc, MS-Excel, simple text.
* Shortcuts tab in the file explorer -> Fast access to your video folders.
* A lot of other improvements all over the place.

Many thanks to all the persons involved in testing and translations! A lot of bugs and usability issues were fixed with the help of your feedback on the various experimental versions.

If you are new to Kinovea or want a quick view of what it does:

- Quick tour (also available in Italian and French).
- List of features [pdf] – (in Italian, in French, in Romanian).

Project of the month on CodingTeam

For those who don’t know, CodingTeam is where the source code of Kinovea lives. It is a so-called forge, a site where an Open Source project can store code, documents, and organize itself.

Kinovea is the project of the month for April! (with a little interview :-D )

CodingTeam is a relatively small forge compared to some of the big players, but it offers many nice features. If you are looking for a place for your (open source) project and don’t want the hassle of setting up all the tools yourself, it’s definitely a nice place to check.

Download stats : the 50 000 mark is behind !?

I wanted to post a small article with some server stats and see where we are in terms of overall downloads.

It turns out the stats are actually quite impressive (At least I am impressed :-) ).

version 0.7.10 – (02/2009) ~ 39 400 downloads.
version 0.7.6 – (11/2008) ~ 11 200 downloads.
version 0.7.2 – (07/2008) ~ 2 100 downloads.

So overall that is more than 50 000 downloads, which is a great achievment.

Note: These stats were computed by dividing the total bandwidth registered for each file by this file size.
I think that is more reliable than the raw number of hits on the file, because some people use download managers which register several hits for a unique download. (The raw hits numbers are higher).

The version 0.7.10 has been the latest stable version for a little more than a year now (that is going to change soon), that means more than 2500 downloads per month.

Measuring lengths (in 2D)

A number of you have expressed interest in a tool for measuring distances in 2D.
I thought that the scope of such a tool would be too limited (pure 2D) and above all that it would be deceptive to use as you can’t know if it is reliable or not at the time you use it (and you can’t measure the error bias)

Under your repeated assaults :D I realized the obvious and I added a marker for length to the existing line tool.

In term of usage, any existing line can act as a reference, you seal its actual length through the contextual menu.
Each and every line present in the video will be impacted by the sealing. (The display of the length itself is still configurable on a per-line basis)

Length measure

Some guidelines to reduce errors :
- Lines measured must be on the same plane.
- This plane must be strictly perpendicular to camera axis.
- The line segments must be close to the center (to minimize lens distorsion)
- Line segments must be close to a reference segment.
- If segments are on different frames, the video must be fixed (no pan/tilt)

You can test this feature in the experimental version available on the forum.