spec   Minimum requirements

  • Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1) + .NET platform 2.0 or above.
  • CPU : 1GHz.
  • Memory : 256 MB
  • Screen resolution: 1024×600 pixels.

lang   Included languages
English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian, Polish, Finnish, Norwegian, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Lithuanian, Swedish.

The experimental version also includes Arabic, Danish, Czech, Korean, Russian, Catalan, Japanese, Serbian Latin, Serbian Cyrillic and Macedonian.

idea   Versions
Kinovea comes in two versions, a stable, official one and an experimental one. The experimental version contains the new features in their developpement stage, and comes at the price of unknown bugs and regressions. The manual is only available for the latest stable version, and the file format is not necessarily fixed in the experimental version.
However, in order to promote from experimental to stable, it is important that as many people as possible test the experimental version and give feedback.

save   Main stable version

save   Experimental version

gnu copyleft Kinovea is free software under GPLv2 license. Please have a look at license.txt for more informations.

csharp   Source code (Mercurial)