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Topic: Feature freeze / Translations

OK, the new features and improvements over 0.8.7 are now pretty stable and mature enough for prime time smile
The current cycle will be mostly focused on updating translations, user manual and bug fixing.

Translating Kinovea is about as simple as downloading a spreadsheet and filling in the gaps. (learn more on this page).
If you start a new language please post in this thread indicating which language you are starting to work on.

Here is a list of locales for which maintainers have recently confirmed (list will be updated continuously).
- Dutch (pstrikwerda)
- German (peusi)
- Italian (giobia)
- Portuguese (Fernando)
- Romanian (bogdan)
- Greek (swordfish)
- Turkish (Eray)
- Chinese (nicko)
- Finnish (Alexander)

A Polish speaking contributor is needed to update the Polish locale (currently 52% complete).

And welcome to the new locales !
- Lithuanian (Mindaugas)
- Swedish (Alexander)

The most wanted list cool :
(Languages not already in Kinovea, sorted by number of visitors of on the website (based on country of origin))
1. Japanese
2. Russian
[s]3. Swedish[/s]
4. Arabic
5. Korean

Thanks for your help !

Re: Feature freeze / Translations

I´m in. wink! for Finnish. Who is doing swedish? I could take that on if it´s not taken?

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Thanks smile
Nobody is on Swedish. Someone had volunteered last year but didn't answer afterwards.

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I have done 94% in swedish.
Its only the hard ones left, don´t have any good translations of someones.

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Re: Feature freeze / Translations

Thomas wrote:

I have done 94% in swedish.
Its only the hard ones left, don´t have any good translations of someones.

Fantastic ! big_smile
Please send it by mail (joan at kinovea dot org) so I can integrate the strings, add the menu, update installer, etc.

I don't know if Alexander had started something already for Swedish ?

By the way, for anyone reading this and secretely working on a translation, the ultimate deadline is next friday (May 13th). The official release should be on May 15th or 16th.
After that you can of course still send your translations, but they will be integrated in a later version.

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Hello. As Thomas is many percent further than me I guess we could see if the hard ones match together? Please mail me Thomas.



Re: Feature freeze / Translations

This thread is now closed.
Thank you very much to all involved !