Topic: iPhone File Access

Hi, now that the iPhone supports 240fps@720P I have ditched my camera.  One thing that could help, Kinovea can see the iPhone and folders but it does not list the individual files in the folder.  I can copy the file to my computer and Kinovea sees it so I am fairly certain it is a kink between Kinovea and iPhone.


Re: iPhone File Access

I'll probably show my utter incompetence in Apple devices, but can you plug it in USB storage mode? When I use this option on an Android device I can browse the content from Kinovea file explorer.
Do you use a special software to copy the files or just Windows Explorer ?

Re: iPhone File Access

IOS doesnt play well with Windows when it comes to file access.  Windows opens like USB Storage mode so you can read (not write) but Kinovea does not show the files (only folders).