Topic: bug with 0.8.23

Hi Joan,

There are some great new features with the new version, though there seems to be some sort of problem with videos freezing. I have installed kinovea on several desktops and laptop and use PS eye cams to acquire data.

The problem is that not only do videos freeze, no tools will work once the videos freeze. However, if I simply drag the same video file to the playback screen causing it to re-load it will work again (though sometimes only for a little while before the same problem occurs).

Very minor other issues include: 1.) sometimes it is hard to select the end of the angle tools to set the angle and 2.) if using the 'switch to dircet zoom' function within the magnifier prior to using the angle tool often the angle tool appears outside of the current viewing area. This can be confusing til you get in the habit of clocing zoom, moving the tool and then re-zooming in.

Other than that everything seems great!