Topic: Looking for camera advice

I'd like to put together a thing bay at home, and I'd like to include a machine vision cameras that I can connect live to a laptop with swing analysis software.

I'm just a little confused about the camera choices.  Assuming I want to connect via USB 3.0, there still seem to be about 100 choices.  Sensor size, fps, sensor type, etc.  Just trying to make sense of what's important and what I actually need.


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Same. What is a camera capable of say 120fps capture that can be used with Kinovea live capture?

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So there is some good information at
See … 1466927609

It looks like a cheap and somewhat reasonable place to start is PS3 eye camera about $6 each.

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I'm a fan of the Canon Rebel series. Good bang for the buck, and easy to use. … ifference/