Topic: Use actioncam in the capture screen

Hi guys,

has anybody some experiance with connecting an actioncam with kinovea and use the capture screen? I ordered some actioncams, but none of them worked with the capture screen - the screen was either black or nothing happend. Do I need a capture card or are there do I have to change something in the software?

Thank you all for your help smile

Re: Use actioncam in the capture screen

As far as I'm aware the only way is to send the AV or HDMI out of the camera through a capture box or card on the PC. I don't have a lot of experience with that setup so maybe someone with more experience can chime in.

Re: Use actioncam in the capture screen

I work often with direct recording onto a laptop/tablet/pc with video-camera's and action cams.
An action cam has only a HDMI output, which can not be recorded automatically on a laptop/PC. It requires a capturebox.

I haved used different types:
Avermedia Extreme Cap U3
Elgato HD60

Prefer the Avermedia capturebox.

Depending on the action cam you can disable the on screen information when using the HDMI output, otherwise it gets recorded with the video footage.