Temporary freeze : Translation call !

We are getting closer to a formal release and the latest experimental releases are becoming more and more stable.

I’m not sure about what other features and fixes are going to be included into the next official release, but I can guarantee that there will not be any changes to the interface during the next 4 to 5 weeks. (because I’m on vacation :D )

This is a good time to update the localizations, and catch up with all the new strings added or modified since 0.7.10.

So to all concerned : ding ding ding, feature freeze ! :D
I already sent a mail to some of you that had contributed to this effort before or proposed to help.

Already confirmed : Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Greek, Turkish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish !

If you want to start a language that is not in the list yet, you are more than welcome.

Please add your name to this new dedicated forum thread, stating which language you are starting to work on.

I think it’s best to have at most 1 or 2 people per language for the initial translation. (Then of course after this initial stage any one can suggest adjustments).
If someone is already working on the language you could do, ask if help is needed and we’ll try to organize.

As always, this is a great opportunity to add value to the project, by allowing many users world while to use Kinovea in their native language.

Thank you !

Measuring lengths (in 2D)

A number of you have expressed interest in a tool for measuring distances in 2D.
I thought that the scope of such a tool would be too limited (pure 2D) and above all that it would be deceptive to use as you can’t know if it is reliable or not at the time you use it (and you can’t measure the error bias)

Under your repeated assaults :D I realized the obvious and I added a marker for length to the existing line tool.

In term of usage, any existing line can act as a reference, you seal its actual length through the contextual menu.
Each and every line present in the video will be impacted by the sealing. (The display of the length itself is still configurable on a per-line basis)

Length measure

Some guidelines to reduce errors :
- Lines measured must be on the same plane.
- This plane must be strictly perpendicular to camera axis.
- The line segments must be close to the center (to minimize lens distorsion)
- Line segments must be close to a reference segment.
- If segments are on different frames, the video must be fixed (no pan/tilt)

You can test this feature in the experimental version available on the forum.

Finalist at the Trophées du Libre 2009 !

Kinovea is officially a finalist at the Trophée du Libre 2009 ! :D

Trophées du Libre is an international contest for free software projects, organized by the Cetril a french free software promotion organization.
They award innovation in open source through several categories (education, sciences, corporate, multimedia, etc.)

It is a very exciting time for Kinovea and the opportunity to showcase the project during the ceremony, early june, aswell as a nice media coverage.

Here’s the video announcing the finalists in Media category (english):

You can check other finalists projects in all categories here