Thanks Joan,

that works well and is a substantial improvement on a laptop.

Would it be possible to set up an option (preference?) to move the playback/capture controls at the bottom of the display to the side of the display?

Most screens now are widescreen and so there tend to be move spare room at the side than at the top or bottom.

Many thanks for the information,
I will have to see if I can find a larger screen that I can use.

Thanks again.

Hi Joan,

I coach a lot of archery and would really like to be able to video archers with a 10 second or so delay so they can see exactly what they did for each shot.

The problem is that outdoors in bright light it really is difficult to see the screen, especially with the actural image only occupying about 25% of the total screen.

I am considering getting a large seperate display but that brings extra problems with power supply, protecting it from the weather etc.

So my question is "How is work on allowing full screen display going, and is it likely to appear anytime soon?"

This would be the single most important improvement for me.

Thanks for all your work so far, its a great program.

I am using the logitech Webcam Pro 9000 HD costs about  35 pounds (Amazon) and I have found the quality of the picture very good

It allows use at
1600 x 1200  at 10fps
1280 x 800 at 25 fps
960 x 720 at 30 fps and a whole load of lower resolution options at 30 fps, but no higher frame rates.

So if I need high frame rate its the PS3 eye,  if good resolution its the logitech, using the two together seems to work but of course tricky to sync.  Other issue is on high definition Kinovea starts to run out of memory buffer quickly so the possible delay is fairly short.  I just reduce the resolution until the delay is correct and then live with any degrade in image quality.

I would be interested to know if anyone has used two logitech 9000 cameras for the two capture/delay screens

Hope this is of use to you

Hi Acer22
I have two PS3 eye cmaeras and have never managed to make it work, there just seems no way to get the second screen to recognise the second camera.  (Maybe someone else knows the secret) My solution is to use one PS3 camera and one logitech.  PS3 gives high frame rate, logitech gives much  better definition but only at 30fps.  Incidentally I picked up PS3 cameras from ebay for about 12 pounds (UK) so you may want to look there.

Brilliant idea for feedback !

To add some more ideas..

Perhaps there should be some indication of how much work each of the ideas would involve,  that way voters can choose between several small improvements and a big one that would take lots of work.

Also some indication of which sports are requesting each improvement, there may be a really great improvement for a rare minority sport, but that should not take priority over other improvements for more widely played sports. 

A facility to use a spell checher in this forum would also be great (as one that can't speell and can't type either)


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Brilliant Joan,

I have been playing around with version 8.15 this afternoon and it looks fairly stable (only managed to crash it a couple of times).

Capture screens are great,especially with the delay feature.  My only problem is that I cannot get the camera definition I would like with two capture screens open.  Kinovea runs out of memory, but at least the limit now stops the program crashing. 

Wonderful bit of software but any chance of a 64 bit version sometime to get around the memory limit?

A bit more screen room for the capture screens and a little less taken by the controls would also be on my wish list, but overall I think 8.15 is great.

thanks again



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As long as the toolbar can be repositioned (e.g. put at side of screen) it should not reduce the image size, well not on widescreens at least.

It certainly is , single capture screen up to 30 fps at resolution of 960 x 720 with a logitech 9000 HD cam and Kinovea seems stable, more than that resolution or more than one capture screen and it all starts to get a bit problematic.  It is only an experimental version at the moment and no doubt Joan will make a few more magical improvements before the "official" release.

Brilliant program and improving fast, my own personal hope is for a 64 bit version sometime soon.

Hope this helps give version 8.13 a try, I think you will be impressed

It also works well with the PS3 eye cameras which can be picked up for about £12 on ebay, only 640 x480 resolution but 75 fps works well for that high speed video, faster still if you decrease resolution.

Hi Jon,

just tested it with two PS3 eye cameras (cheap and cheerful), the first screen works fine but I cannot find any way to select the second camera.  I regret my computer knowledge does not stretch to editing the camera drivers to see if that would help. I was wondering if two very slightly different drivers allow the PC to differentiat the devices ?

regarding no 10 of the list I would prefer to be able to set the buffer for each capture screen independently, this would allow a low definition general image and a high definition one focused on a key area.  Much more flexible that one fixed buffer size.

Hi Jon,
yes that is exactly what was shown, and nothing I did seemed to make any difference.

Hi Jon,

No I have never managed to connect to the IP camera, but before version 8.13 I could not connect to an external camera either, it just kept trying to connect to the IP one.

I am using ps3 eye camera or Logitech 9000 as external cameras and both work well.  PS3 for high frame rates (up to 125 fps) but no better than 640 x 480 pixels, the Logitech 9000 for high quality image but no better than 30fps

Hope that helps

All my problems with IP camera have disappeared with version 8.13, my notebook has a built in webcam and I think previously Kinovea was trying to access it and so reporting trying to connect with IP but never managed to connect to the inbuilt webcam.

Now Kinovea does not crash when trying to select an external camera all seems to function very well.     

Hope everyone else is finding the same.

Hi Joan,
sorry no extra logs but I think this may be the bug you mentioned to Splatent, if I reset the buffers to under 200MB select save and THEN RESTART KINOVEA (the bit I missed before) the problem disappears.  Good luck with dealing with this bug because 200MB only allows a short possible delay at reasonably high definition.  At least it is very easy to reproduce the problem.