The manual (up to date for version 0.9.5) is online here: Kinovea manual 0.9.5.

It can also be downloaded for offline use here:

The old manual for version 0.8.15 is here: Kinovea manual 0.8.15


The forum is used for announcements and discussions about releases, workflow questions, ideas for new features, camera issues, etc.

Don't hesitate to come by and post your questions, describe your setup and experiments or talk about anything related to motion analysis, biomechanics, or video capture systems.


Bug tracker

If you suspect you have found a bug, head over to the bug tracker. Double check there if it hasn't already been reported.

If you are unsure about the expected behavior post the report on the forum instead.

Add as many details as you can on how to reproduce the behavior you have seen, and what you expected to see instead. In particular add the version of Kinovea you are using and the version of Windows.

If the problem happens in the capture screen, provide the exact brand and model of the camera.

If the problem happens with a specific video, try to reproduce with a short video and send a link to the video or attach it to the bug report.

Go to menu Help > Open log folder and collect the logs and attach them to the bug report.

Idea box & direct feedback

You are encouraged to post ideas on the forum but if you prefer you can also send small feedback, suggestions or messages to

Descriptions of usability improvements in concrete scenarios are especially appreciated.

Do not use this to ask about how to use a certain feature or whether it already exists. Ask about these in the forum, you will get a faster answer and everyone will benefit from the answer. If you don't get a response in 10 days or so it's probable that your message is a better fit for the forum.