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I was at the Basler Camera distributor yesterday trying to find two new cameras. The cameras were the Basler Ace acA1600-200um/uc.  They were fitted with wide angle lens and gave  a resolution of 1280x1024 and 200 fps. Once we downloaded the Kinovea 0.8.24 version and tried to do a demo, the software would hang immediately after clicking on the camera name. These cameras are USB 3.0. This happened with only 1 camera attached. Any one come across this problem.

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Yeah, this is the color model, unfortunately I hadn't been able to test it at the time and 0.8.24 won't work with any of the color models.

The issue should have been fixed for 0.8.25 but the code is still based on Basler Pylon API v4 which was the then-current version when I worked on this last fall. Since then Balser updated their software stack to v5 which will break compatibility. I will have to revisit this for 0.8.26.

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Thanks for the input Joan. Any idea when 0.8.26 will be available? I am desperate to update my cameras and don't want to change software.