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Topic: What to do in case of a bug / error / crash.

1. Make sure the developpers know about it
- post about it in the forum (new topic + descriptive title) and/or
- submit it to the bug tracker (preferred but not mandatory).

While the bug is unknown to the developpers, it has virtually no chances of being solved.
Search the forum and the bug tracker for similar issue. If you can't find it, assume it is not known.

2. Describe it
A reproduced bug is half way solved.
Provide as much informations as you can on your system, Kinovea version used, and what you were doing when the bug happened.
A few clear steps that lead towards the issue is a big help. For bugs that can't be reproduced easily, logs are a must (see next).

3. Get the logs
Kinovea writes logs of its operations. They can help greatly in understanding the issue. Attach them to the bug tracker issue or send them by mail.

Important: "official" versions have the logs in level Info only. Check below for how to enable more verbose logs. (Needed to diagnose the problem)
Important: the logs are erased each time you open Kinovea. Collect the logs before reopening!

The logs are here (You can copy this in Windows Explorer address bar):
You can also get to this folder from within Kinovea through menu Help > Open log folder. (but remember, collect the logs before reopening).

log.txt is the general log of operations.
Unhandled Crash XXX .txt are special logs for crashes.

4. Turn on verbose logs
(If using an Experimental version, you shouldn't need to do this).

Go to the installation folder and look for the file LogConf.xml.
Open it in notepad and look for the line saying:
<level value="INFO" />
Replace with:
<level value="DEBUG" />

On Windows 7 and Vista, you may have to do some trickery to save back the file in Program Files. Save it in a temporary location first and copy over, or launch notepad as administrator.

5. Sample video
If the problem happens with a specific video:
- If it's less than 1MB and you are fine with it stored publicly, attach it to the bug tracker issue.
- If it's between 1MB and 3MB, send it by mail here : joan at kinovea dot org.
- If it's bigger, store it somewhere (direct download site or some server) and send the link.

Having a sample video not only ease the reproduction, it also makes a good regression test after the bug is fixed.

Thank you very much for your help ! big_smile

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Re: What to do in case of a bug / error / crash.

version 0.8.8 can not save the movie, because Save and Cancel buttons are missing

Re: What to do in case of a bug / error / crash.

There is a thread about the issue here.