Kinovea reference manualΒΆ

Welcome to the manual for Kinovea.

Kinovea is a video annotation tool designed for motion analysis. It features utilities to capture, slow down, compare, annotate and measure motion in videos.

For a single-page overview of the features of Kinovea you may consult the Features page on the website.


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User interface

Description of the main window, workspaces and the preference pages.

Observation and comparison

Functions to control video time, image aspect, and synchronize two videos.


Tools to annotate videos with drawings, text, highlight key moments and use posture references.


Functions to calibrate space and time, measure intervals, positions, distances, angles, and track kinematics.


Subsystem to capture, delay, and record live cameras.


Functions to save videos and measurements for other applications.

Miscellaneous topics

Various topics related to programmatically controlling Kinovea and general information about the project.

This manual is maintained by volunteers. If you find something that is confusing, wrong, or otherwise needs to be edited, let us know.