Importing external data

In addition to importing annotations created in Kinovea you may import annotations created in other software.

Two external formats are supported: SRT subtitles and OpenPose body poses.

SRT SubRip Text subtitles

SRT is a simple subtitle file format containing a series of subtitles and the corresponding start and end timestamps.

To load an SRT subtitle on top of a video in Kinovea, use the menu File ‣ Load annotations… and point to the SRT file.

A label object will be created for each subtitle block with its visibility set up according to the timestamps for the subtitle.


OpenPose is a software that detects human body poses in images.

To learn more about OpenPose check the project page:

The result of running the OpenPose program on a video is a set of JSON files containing data for one or more human postures. OpenPose uses a 25-point body model.

This is not meant to be used for measurements but for general posture assessment.

The workflow to import OpenPose data into Kinovea is the following:

Run the OpenPose software on the video, using the write_json option. This creates a set of .json files in the output directory. Each file contains descriptors for the detected poses.

> bin\OpenPoseDemo.exe --video examples\media\video.avi --write_json output/

In Kinovea, use the menu File ‣ Load annotations… and point to the first JSON file of the series.

Each detected human pose will be converted to a human model drawing using a dedicated model.