Command line options

Kinovea can be started from the command line.


> kinovea.exe
    [-name <string>] [-hideExplorer] [-workspace <path>]
    [-video <path>] [-speed <0..200>] [-stretch]


-name <string>

Name of this instance of Kinovea. Used in the window title and to select a preference file.


The explorer panel will not be visible. Default: false.

-workspace <path>

Path to a Kinovea workspace XML file. This overrides other video options. To create a workspace file use the menu Option ‣ Workspace ‣ Export workspace.

-video <path>

Path to a video to load.

-speed <0..200>

Playback speed to play the video, as a percentage of its original framerate. Default: 100.


The video will be expanded to fit the viewport. Default: false.


> kinovea.exe -video test.mp4 -stretch
> kinovea.exe -video test.mp4 -speed 50
> kinovea.exe -name Replay -workspace myReplayWorkspace.xml