Frequently asked questions

This is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Kinovea.

1. Can I use Kinovea on MacOS? on Linux? on Android? on iPhone?

No, Kinovea is only supported on Windows.

2. Can I use Kinovea in my school? my university? my bike fit or shoe fit business? my physiotherapy or podiatry practice?

Yes, you can use Kinovea for any purposes, including but not limited to personal, professional, commercial, academic and research.

3. What is the price of Kinovea?

Kinovea is a free program, it does not cost anything to use.

4. Is Kinovea compliant with HIPAA or GDPR?

Not applicable.

Kinovea does not store any personal data and does not transmit anything over the internet. It is a standalone desktop application, similar to a media player with extra functions, and does not require the Internet to function. The only aspect of the program that makes use of the Internet is the menu “Check for updates…”, which consults a file on the Kinovea web server and reports if a new version is available or not.

5. In which city is Kinovea made?

Not applicable.

This question comes up when a scientific journal asks for bibliographic references. Kinovea is not a company and does not have headquarters in any city. There is no meaningful way to answer this question. Please ask the journal about their dedicated format for citing Open Source software. You may also check the built-in citations examples in the About dialog.

6. Which camera should I buy?

It is not the place of Kinovea or its authors to suggest one camera brand over another. It is best for the project to stay neutral. Besides, there are too many parameters specific to each use-case that it is not possible to answer this question with anything else than “it depends”. Please register on the forum and ask the question there, providing as many details and context as possible, this way other users can share their experience directly.

7. Why is the speed of my video slowing down by itself?

The speed slider is forced down when the original frame rate of the video cannot be sustained by the player.