A workspace in Kinovea is a specific arrangement of screens and their content.

When Kinovea is started using a workspace it will reload the screens, reopen videos and cameras, and restart replay folder observers.

Default workspace

You can save the current arrangement of screens as the default workspace by using the menu Options ‣ Workspace ‣ Save as default workspace. The next time Kinovea starts it will read this workspace and reload the videos and cameras accordingly.

To delete the default workspace and make Kinovea starts normally on the thumbnail explorer use the menu Options ‣ Workspace ‣ Forget default workspace.

Exporting workspaces

Workspaces can be exported to separate XML files using the menu Options ‣ Workspaces ‣ Export workspace. To start Kinovea using an explicit workspace file it must be passed as an argument to the command line.

See also: Command line options.