List of tools

Text & number tools

  • Label Label

  • Number Numbers

Text and number tools can be used to create small labels or consecutive numbers. The label tool has an optional arrow.

../_images/label1.png ../_images/numbers.png

Pencil tool

Pencil Pencil tool

The pencil tool is used to create free-hand drawings. The width of the stroke can be modified afterwards but the path is fixed.

Posture tools

  • HumanModel Human model

  • HumanModel Human model (2)

  • BikeFit Bike fit

  • Archery Archery

  • Profile Profile

  • Generic Genu

  • Posture Posture

  • CSVL Central sacral vertical line

  • Generic Canis

  • Generic Equus

Posture tools are used to study or annotate the general posture of the athlete or subject.

../_images/humanmodel1.png ../_images/profile1.png ../_images/posture1.png ../_images/bikefit2.png ../_images/archery1.png ../_images/csvl1.png ../_images/canis.png

Line tools

  • Line Line

  • Curve Curve

  • Polyline Polyline

  • Rectangle Rectangle

  • Circle Circle

  • DistanceHorizontal Distance horizontal


The line tool and the circle tool can also be used to measure segments and circles, see Measurement > Measuring positions and distances.

Arrow tools

  • Arrow Arrow

  • ArrowDash Arrow - Dash

  • ArrowSquiggly Arrow - Squiggly

  • ArrowCurve Arrow - Curve

  • ArrowPolyline Arrow - Polyline

  • ArrowPolylineDash Arrow - Polyline dash

  • ArrowPolylineSquiggly Arrow - Polyline squiggly

The arrow tools can be used to point at things or illustrate players or ball trajectories.


Marker tool

  • Marker Marker tool

The marker tool is used to highlight the location of a single object or joint.

See also: Measuring positions and distances.

Angle tools

  • Angle Angle tool

  • Goniometer Goniometer

  • AngleToHorizontal Angle to horizontal

  • AngleToVertical Angle to vertical

Angle tools are used to measure angles on a particular plane.

See also: Measuring angles.


Stopwatch tools

  • Stopwatch Stopwatch

  • Clock Clock

Stopwatch tools are used to measure time positions and intervals.

See also: Measuring time.

Grid tools

  • Plane Perspective grid

  • Grid Grid

  • Plane Distortion grid

The grid tools are used to materialize a plane of motion or for calibration purposes.

Spotlight tool

  • SpotlightTool Spotlight tool


The spotlight tool is used to highlight a particular area of the image by dimming the rest. Multiple spotlights can be added throughout the video.


  • Magnifier Magnifier

The magnifier function creates a picture-in-picture effect with an enlarged version of the current image displayed within the original image. This is a display mode rather than a normal drawing tool, it is not saved in the KVA file.