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I've just bought 2 IDS-Cameras. I've had a UI-3880CP-M-GL_Rev_2 which works good, but did not have the specs I wanted. Now I've got 2 U3-3880CP. The problem: They don't seem to support "Direct Show", even if there is no mention on their webpage and on the datasheet. I would have to knew that the text "IDS Software Suite" means that it supports "Direct Show" and if there is no "IDS Software Suite", it does not.
However, is there any way I can get that camera working? Spent a lot of money for these camera and now I just discover that they might not work with Kinovea...
Or is there any plan for you to integrate the "U3"-Cameras with IDS peak API?
Here is the API-Documentation:
https://en.ids-imaging.com/manuals/ids- … index.html

I've just forked your repo and tried to see if this is a difficult task, but it would take extreme amount of time for me to integrate this as far as I can see. I've never programmed in C# (used to use C, but rather basics than professional).

But as I see, this Peak API would be a good thing to integrate, as it claims that it supports all USB3 Vision and GigE Vision compliant uEye+ industrial cameras. I have no idea if there are some from other suppliers, it this statement sounds like.


This should work out of the box in version 0.9.3 with the IDS SDK support.
IDS currently publish two different SDK, the Peak one and the classic one. The classic one is supported in Kinovea but only in the beta version, not in 0.8.15 which only supported DirectShow.
Can you try with 0.9.3?

If you want to work with the source code let me know because these machine vision plugins are in the process of being moved to a different place and will be distributed separately from now on.


I use the 0.9.3 already. It looks like this camera can only be used with Peak and not with the classic. It also does not show up in the classic software from IDS and only in Peak, also the camera driver is only within the peak software and not within the classic.
I am waiting for response from IDS, there might be something I've missed. If I want to integrate peak you might be able to point me in the right direction so I don't need to figure out all on my own?


Oh, I didn't realize their latest cameras aren't compatible with their existing SDK. Well I was considering adding this new Peak SDK as well since it's supposed to support USB3 vision cameras from other vendors this would be a nice addition indeed. At the moment I'm focused on the documentation update though, and this will take a while more.


Any updates on support for the Peak SDK? IDS is transitioning over to this API and I'd love to get their latest cameras connected to Kinovea.