With the recently launched webcam software that works with the GoPro 8/9/10 will this now work with the kinovea program and just let it select the camera as normal?


I don't believe that will work as the webcam software streams from the phone and not the desktop. Windows 10 only recognizes a USB connected GoPro 10 as a storage device (to access movies). I'm assuming it does the same on the 9 and 8. What are you trying to capture?

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The GoPro Webcam software allows a direct wired connection from the camera to the desktop. The software install does not create a 'normal' USB device, it shows as a Portable device, a MTP USB Device. This does allow for the device to work, albeit a little reluctant to start with

The issue seems to be that the GoPro is set as a 'Virtual Webcam' Persevering with the setup has always worked for me


Just wanted to bump this to see if there have been any changes or updates since March March 2022 and if GoPro webcam mode works now for high 240FPS?