I have trawled the forum but have not found a solution that I can understand to what seems to be a common problem.

I have two 'Generic' action cameras that I have been able to connect to my laptop via a USB hub and record from two different angles using OBS. I can open the saved file in Kinovea and perform my analysis on the recording as a single file.

I would like to be able to record and playback directly in Kinovea. I have been able to select one of the cameras in a capture screen but I am stuck with a black screen. I would like to know what settings I should set in alignment with Kinovea.

Kinovea 0.9.5



None of the cameras work or just one at a time? What options do you see in the camera configuration dialog under "Stream format"?


HI Joan, thanks for replying and sorry I never responded but I moved on from trying to get the solution with Kinovea to work and came across your reply while looking for a solution to a different problem.

I now have an efficient solution where I use OBS to record and Kinovea to play back. I am also using 3 different cameras in a veriety of combinations and can easily switch between the three or combinations.

The problem I have now is that every now and again an OBS recording won't play back. The image dispays in the thumbnail and plays in other video programs. I suspect that it is a problem in OBS but haven't been able to narrow down any sequnce that could prompt it. Is there someone that could look at an expample file to see what is missing and preventing Kinovea from playing back?

Many thanks



Yes, please host it somewhere on a google drive or onedrive or similar and send me the link at joan at kinovea dot org.


Thanks Joan. I have emailed a reply together with a Google drive link.