Hi, does anyone have a problem to start the stopwatch?
I can't set the "start" and "finish" because the only option is "to set the actual time as origin".
You can see a screenshot here:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BCmzxP … sp=sharing


There are two different time tools, the Stopwatch (Cronómetro) and the Clock (Reloj). The clock object only shows a relative time and doesn't have start/stop commands. Somehow you are using a clock object.

If you right click on the tool in the tool bar you should see both objects.

It's also possible to convert one to the other by going into right click > Configuration and checking or unchecking "Clock".

Lastly, if it always act as a clock even when you select the stopwatch tool, double check the default options by going into the "Color profile" (last button on the toolbar or right click with the tool active), find the stopwatch and make sure it has the "Clock" option unchecked.


Excelent! Thank You very much Joan. It's solved!!
Best regards