I´d like to connect my network cameras (AXIS P1375, support MPJEG) with the kinovea desktop device.
I know the connecting pathway (how to setup a camera manually) but I couldn´t successfully establish a connection. I´m not sure if I use the correct user name and password.

Does anybody know which user name and password from which account is required?

I would really appreciate you help.

Best regards,


As far as I understand you need to connect to the camera once from a normal browser to set up the root password. Previously these cameras could be used without password or with the default root password but apparently they changed that because too many devices were opened on the Internet.

From here:

Modern access procedure (default user with no password)
With the updated access procedure in place, the VAPIX and ONVIF interfaces have been disabled and the root user’s password is no longer set in factory default state when shipped from production. This means that it’s no longer possible for a client to access or configure the device out-of-the-box without activating VAPIX or ONVIF first.

And from here:

- Open a browser and enter the IP address or host name of the Axis device.
- If you access the device for the first time, you must set the root password.

Let us know if that works.