I've been testing both some software for golf swing analysis.  I've been testing both the kinovea software as well as the swing catalyst software. Both of them are great.  One thing that I like about the swing catalyst software is the workflow. In the swing catalyst software, you can set it up to show the 2 cameras that are in capture mode. Then when you hit a shot, it automatically shows the replay of the videos. It then automatically goes back to showing the capture mode until another shot is made. I like this so that I can rehearse moves in my swing before hitting a ball and getting feedback.

Is there anyway to recreate this with kinovea? I have two different instances opened. One with dual capture and one with dual replay. However, they only what that I've found to go back and forth is to do it manually using my mouse. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Hi, check the feature called Replay folder observers:

The way it works in Kinovea is that you point the player to a directory instead of a file, and it will monitor that directory and automatically load and play any new file created in that directory. So you can point it to where the capture instance is saving the files and it should create such a capture-playback feedback loop. For two-camera system you'll need to configure the capture to save into different folders so each player loads the matching one.

Another way if don't care about archiving each swing is to use the delay feature. If you set it to 5 seconds or so, you can just look at the capture screen for an instant live replay.