I am recording FHD from two webcams simoultaneusly with autostop after 5 seconds. The first cam gives me 5sec, but The second stops after 0,7s....?
I have saved The files in separate locations with instant autoreplay. It is not cameras related as The problem persist when switching The cams...


I am recording from an old laptop USB 3.0 Win 10


If you have delay it needs a memory buffer to store the frames, if the two cameras have very different image size/framerate it might do this I think, although the difference is extreme. Can you tell more about the recording parameters: Options > Capture > Recording : what recording mode do you use here? What delay, size and framerate of cameras, size of memory buffer, stream format.

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I maximized the memory buffer with a 1s delay, both cameras were recording in FHD at 30fps, streaming in MJPEG.
1. webcam is a Logitech 920 and the 2. a TRUST Full HD.

After trying out with another Logitech 920 and a Streamplify cam, I suspect that the issue IS related to the TRUST webcam (compression?)


Is the 0.7 s very consistent, like exactly the same number of frames each time, or is it erratic?
The log should have more info about the recording process, including stop reason, duration and number of frames.