Hi Joan,
I think it would be nice to have a countdown showing onscreen the seconds left to the "stop recording by duration" field after the audio trigger for the automatic start. This option would be of help for all those tasks requiring verbal incipits to the subject by the operator.


Great idea. There is also a request for having a more prominent indicator that we are currently recording, so I'm thinking of having a label with the time since recording started would go in the same place in a corner of the viewport. Maybe there could be other info displayed there related to recording.


that's great Joan, thanks!


Looking into this right now.
First testing with a big red banner at the top to indicate that we are in fact recording. I think this needs to be super prominent because one of the use case of capture is hands free recording where you may be several meters away from the computer screen.

Now having added that, I'm wondering if this banner at the top could act as a reverse progress bar when the recording duration is pre-configured. 
Do you actually need the exact countdown in seconds or just a visual indication of the time left? Ideally I would like to just have the time since recording started written inside the banner, an the banner act as a reverse progress bar in case of countdown-based stop.


OK, I made some more tests and I like this banner thing.
Going to use it as a general visual feedback of the state of the capture screen.

Here is the current color scheme:
- audio trigger disarmed = blue (neutral state).
- audio trigger armed = green.
- during quiet period after recording = blue (+reverse progress bar until auto-rearm).
- recording = red. (+ reverse progress bar if stop after duration is enabled).
- camera grabbing on pause = violet.


it sounds great Joan! Thank you for the follow up. I'm looking forward to using it.