First of all, thanks for the great software...

my suggestion:  the command "stop stopwatch" with a following "start stopwatch" should not reset the stopwatch to zero.  i'm measuring individual playing times and I want to stop the stopwatch when long breaks occure. thanks for listening


Hi, thanks for the feedback.

As you noted the stopwatch is currently a simple one. There has been suggestions to make it more powerful with the ability to record multiple times with the same stopwatch, but that would complexify the current tool too much I think. (Because such a basic tool should be as simple as possible…)

I guess changing the options to "start", "pause", "continue", may be considered… would that be explicit enough for every use ?

I think it would be good to have input from others users on this. Should the simple stopwatch stay as simple as it can be and a more powerful stopwatch made into a new tool, or should the enhanced stopwatch become the basic tool ?


What would be nice to have as a stopwatch feature is a split time (e.g. every time split button is pressed, it gives you the different in time between the last time it was pressed and the current split button press. (perhaps with vew of all split button presses/history).


I am a new user of Kinovea and I am using it for a specific application to sum the cumulative duration of a flaming event throughout a video. In other words, I want to be able to have a "pause" feature on the stop watch if possible so I don't need to add a stopwatch for each event within the video. Hoping to gain some traction on this old topic.