Hello all, trying to set up a swing analysis set up for my golf sim. I have two ELP USB 260FPS cameras connected. PC is running Windows 11. When I pull up Kinovea 9.5 both cameras show in the Camera list but when I select the Two Capture Screens option and add the cameras only one will actually show video, the other screen displays the name of the camera but no video. I noticed both cameras had the same name when looking in Device Manager.. researched a little and found that this can cause some issues so I went thru the process of changing the camera names in the PC’s Register Editor. Restarted the PC but still no change.. also I noticed that Kenova's Cameras list still listed the cameras with the old camera names (while in device manager is shows the new names assigned)  So.. I decided to uninstall and reinstall Kinovea.. did that but still the same issue.  On my laptop I have no trouble at all running the laptops camera and one of the USB cameras in Kinovea at the same time.

Any ideas or input would be welcome. Thanks


In my experience the most likely cause of this on a laptop is the cameras being plugged to USB ports that end up in the same USB root hub and not having enough power or bandwidth to run simultaneously. Try to plug one of them to a powered USB hub to see if it changes anything.


Thanks Joan for the response.. I did in fact have one of the cameras on a hub.. I changed that and have both cameras run to separate USB ports on the PC. But still have the issue. Just an FYI, I am running a mini gaming PC with Windows 11.

When I open Kenovea the camera I have set for the back displays the image.. the other camera for the front view displays an icon but no video feed. Not sure if this helps but when I open the PCs camera app the front camera displays (not the back camera) so it is definitely connected and working.. if unplug the front camera it switches to the back camera (again this is in the Camera app). In kenovea if I disconnect the front camera the icon just disappears and reappears when I plug it back in. Any other thoughts on this?


If you only plug the front camera it works?
A hub is good if it's powered. On the other hand two different USB ports on the PC may still internally end up on the same root and share power and bandwidth. But if it can send the camera feed to the other app it shouldn't be that. There is a log of operation which should have good info to debug this. Can you share it by email joan at kinovea dot org?

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I am seeing the same thing.  Have 2 camera it will show one or the other but not both.

Both Cameras have the same name in the Kinovea Cameras window

Fixed.  I had both cameras on the same hub..  Moved one off and now both capture at the same time!!!