Hello I am new to Kinovea, love what i have seen so far in videos and experimenting with a few different cameras for the golf swing.

I purchased a Mars cmos camera Leo version 1440S from VisionDatum, it uses a Sony IMX 273 global shutter. I am not able to get Kinovea to recognize it, are there any work arounds for cameras that don't show up?


Joan Hello,
Reading an earlier post of yours you had mentioned a camera using a similar chip,
the MER-160-227U3C you said was one that was supported. Would it be possible to download their drivers for my camera as they are similar or things don't work that way?
Thank you


Unless it's a camera from one of the supported vendors it won't work. The way they work is that each vendor has a specific SDK that Kinovea camera plugins are built with and that contains the library that actually interact with the driver.


Thank you Joan, I bought the wrong camera!
For those looking for a camera do not buy the Mars 1440S-250uc if you want to use Kinovea.
For those of you that are using Kinovea for golf analysis what are the current cameras you are using. Thanks!