Hello - I'm considering purchasing an underwater camera from a company called Barlus - model SW-K2Z-D12X20 (https://barluscam.com/products/swimming … 5340603616). 

The camera is IP68 rated with models capable of 50/60/120 fps at 1920x1080 resolution.  This is an IP camera.  My experience with setting these up is limited.  This is information from the manufacturer about the camera:

Support equipment:  Computer,NVR. Compatible with Hikon, Dahua, Male Mai protocols (only supports Windows-IE, browser for camera internal parameter setting)

Support agreement: ONVIF, HTTP,DDNS, FTP,RTSP,RTMP,IPv4/IPv6,802.1x,HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, UPNP,SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, PPPOE, ;SDK Secondary development.

It is a cost-effective solution but I'm wondering if this could be set up to capture in Kinovea.  Does anyone have any thoughts about this?  Thanks in advance.