Hello everyone,

I would like to report an issue that I am experiencing when trying to use Kinovea on my MAC M3 with Windows 11 virtualization via Parallels. I have followed the installation steps without any problems, but when attempting to open the application, it only loads the splash screen or preload image and then closes automatically.

I have tried rebooting the virtual machine, uninstalling and reinstalling Kinovea, but the problem persists. I have verified that my Parallels configuration meets the minimum system requirements for Kinovea.

Has anyone else encountered this issue or does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve it? I would greatly appreciate any help or advice on this matter.

Thank you in advance.


As noted in the minimum requirements on the download page: it will not work on Mac computers with Apple M1 chip, even through Parallels Desktop.

It's the same for M2 and M3. The reason is that these are not the same CPU architecture. The version of Windows that run on these machines is compiled for ARM CPU, not x86 x64 ones. Kinovea is not built for this architecture and it's not an easy fix.