First of all, my fist post.
I am truly impress with the quality of this application. I will try to add my 2 pences to the forum.

Scenario, golf swing:
- take first video where I have a mistake in my swing
- take a second video where I correct an element of the swing.

If I apply a angle, a line, a circle or any other drawing to the fist video I would like to copy that figure to the second video without recreating it. For golf swings I use 2 lines and 2 cross markets. I wonder if there is a way to copy this four items from the first to the second video on the exact place therefore I could see perfectly well the club reference points between the first and second swing.

Keep up with the great job you are doing.


The current way to do this is as follow:
in the first video, do File > Save and choose "Save only the key images data." This will save your 4 drawings to a .kva file.
Then click on the second video to select it, and do File > Load key images data and open the file you just saved.

It has been suggested to have more "simultaneous effect" actions when working with two screens. (for exemple, the speed sliders are now locked together).
So maybe a special mode where any additions and modifications to drawings on one screen would be propagated to the other would be nice. That'd make this use case easier.