I create this thread to gather comments of the community about the site as a whole, the forum, the wiki, the help files, etc.

So how could the site be improved ? What about the forum ? The overall communication to the outside world ?

For me, I think I answer too quickly on the forum. By doing so I feel that I don't let other members step in and become more involved. I will change this in the future.
I think I will try to step aside, and let users answer users questions as often as possible. After all, you are better placed than me for peer help.
Questions like « Can we do this, how to do that » should be answerable by most users that have used the software for some time. Sometimes, even I need to do some research to answer, whereas one of you may have the answer right away.
(So if you see an unanswered question, don't hesitate and don't be afraid. wink)

What should be different in the way the project is organized (site, forum, wiki, help, videos, release cycle, communication, etc.) ?