Have been wanting to ask this question for a while now, seems like someone here might be able to answer it.  For about the last 10 years, I've heard that USB was not suitable for live video capturing and that firewire was the way to do it.  When I bought my latest laptop last fall I noticed that firewire ports seemly are being phased out as there was only one Sony model that offered a single built in firewire port.  Now USB3 is also out...

My HS camera has only a USB connection on it.

Is it now possible to view/capture live live from USB2/USB3 cameras and can Kinovea do it?



It certainly is , single capture screen up to 30 fps at resolution of 960 x 720 with a logitech 9000 HD cam and Kinovea seems stable, more than that resolution or more than one capture screen and it all starts to get a bit problematic.  It is only an experimental version at the moment and no doubt Joan will make a few more magical improvements before the "official" release.

Brilliant program and improving fast, my own personal hope is for a 64 bit version sometime soon.

Hope this helps give version 8.13 a try, I think you will be impressed

It also works well with the PS3 eye cameras which can be picked up for about £12 on ebay, only 640 x480 resolution but 75 fps works well for that high speed video, faster still if you decrease resolution.


Also check the which camera do you use? thread, it has interesting information. (And everyone is encouraged to post his/her experiments with any device there smile)

Live capture with USB is possible only with webcams unless you have a very specific camcorder that can do it (webcam mode?).
In general it would seem the new camcorders (storing to SD card or DVD) cannot stream live to the computer through USB or only at reduced resolution.

One solution suggested is to use the analog output, and then hook to an Analog/Digital converter card on the PC (see the other thread).
It will be interesting to see if they release camcorders with USB3 streaming though…