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Experimental version, feedback needed ! wink
Beware of regressions and report anything suspicious. Do not assume the issue is known.

Installer: Kinovea.Setup.0.8.22.exe



  • New locales : Japanese, Serbian Cyrillic and Macedonian.

  • Autosave and crash recovery mechanism.

  • Better video quality when saving.

  • Drag & drop KVA file on top of video.


  • Tracking parameters can be changed manually from the configuration dialog.

  • Subpixel accuracy everywhere.

  • 2D Kinematics: velocity per components, acceleration, coordinates.

  • Angular kinematics through "best fit circle" of trajectory.

  • Filtering of kinematics data through a Butterworth filter with autoselection of cutoff frequency.

  • Tracking data for trackable drawings is saved to KVA file.


  • The coordinate system display will work in perspective when using plane calibration.

  • The synchronization logic has been rewritten and many bugs with regards to synchronization or dual saving should be fixed.

  • Many bugs have been hunted down and fixed, entire parts rewritten to be more testable and new tests designed. A special effort went into this release to improve the internal and external quality of the software as it is more and more used in sport science classrooms around the World. If you find an issue, please report it immediately, on the bug tracker (preferred), here on the forum, or by email.

The raw changelog is here.


Some screencaps:

The new trajectory configuration dialog with tracker parameters:

Best-fit circle on rotative trajectory:

Perspective coordinate system:


Great job Joan,

I shall test the video with my hi speed camera. As I can see you did not add a few lines which i recommended. Any chances to add to drawing tools.

Best regards,



Yes I did not add any new arrow tools in this version.
I want to focus on the quantitative analysis aspects for a while before returning to presentation features.
I keep them in mind though.

The first two topics I will likely work on for 0.8.23 are :
1. A "data analysis" window to review kinematics data : trajectory plots, projective view of points and lines on the plane, possibly a heatmap style plot, possibly an angle/angle or angle/angular velocity diagram for coordination analysis. With facilities to export the filtered values and the resulting plots.
2. Lens distortion compensation for measurements, with import/export of distortion profiles and distorted view of the coordinate systems.

I also want to do some research on time distortions (e.g: rolling shutter), camera pose estimation, frontal area computation, time of flight cameras, etc.


Hi Joan,

Great job, the new version seems more stable than the last and first attempts at playing seem to be going very well.

The feedback I would like to give is on issues I discovered whilst I have been trying to recreate a motion analysis case study I found online (http://www.quintic.com/education/case_studies/power.htm).

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to use Kinovea to acquire data to produce a graph such as the one on the web page as the exported data is only to two decimal places. Is it possible in future versions to increase the number of decimal places the data is exported to? I appreciate there is a question as to how accurate the data is. However, for teaching purposes this could be a great lab and I would love to keep promoting different uses of Kinovea to my students!

A second issue I have encountered is also related to the export tool. Currently the time informatin is exported in the format 00:00:00:00 (hours:minutes:seconds:milliseconds). Unfortunately Microsoft Excel (or at least the 2010 version I am using) does not read time in this format. Excel requires the format to be 00:00:00.000

While a spread sheet can be set up to amend the format, it makes the spread sheet somewhat more complicated and therefore potentially more confusing to the students learning.

Is it possible to address these areas in a future version?

Thanks again for your continued hard work on such an awesome resource!


I think both issues are addressed in the next version 0.8.23.
It has been ready for quite a while to be honest, I was waiting for more feedback.

The changes related to your comment:
- there is now an embedded plot window,
- the time values for it are in milliseconds so its always numeric,
- other values have three decimal places,
- you can export the graph or the raw data to a file or copy it to the clipboard.
- The data is exported as .csv for maximum compatibility.


Dear Joan,

it is nace to hear about new version. Do you add some more graphic elements?

Best regards,



dekigr wrote:

it is nace to hear about new version. Do you add some more graphic elements?

Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into adding arrow tools this week.


For the record I have just posted a question on User Experience stack exchange regarding polyline tools. The polyline tool will be the underlying tool for curved lines and arrows.


Great. Thank you very much Joan.


Hi Joan,

just a simple question. When the new version 0.8.23 will be available?

Best regards from


dekigr wrote:

Hi Joan,

just a simple question. When the new version 0.8.23 will be available?

Best regards from

I sent you a mail a few days ago to help test a pre-version. So, I would say the answer is in your hands :-) Let me know if you have changed e-mail.