I am a regular user of Kinovea for golf self training in my basement. I use also commercial software like cSwing, V1, and tried many others. I really think kinovea is the best solution for me now, with the functionality of two cameras (I use Ps3 for the frame rate) and the delay option. So, thanks to everybody behind this project.

I was really happy with the version 8.21. Today a I tried in a new computer the 8.24 and there are some improvements but two major problems in my opinion.

1) You can not set the desire format for the video as it is in the previous version. The videos are recorded in MP4 but not being readable by Windows Media player, iTunes or cSwing. I think you have to go back to version 8.21 in that regard, being able to choose for instance, AVI format

2) BUG. The issue is that when you apply delay for the live video, in any camera, frame rate, either one or two cameras, and you want to record the delayed video, as was the case with previous versions, you actually record what is happening in front of the camera!! (live, with no delay) and not what your are looking at the software. This is a huge problem for those who like to see in slow motion a previous saved video, but not want to record ALL the swing you do, and just some. Please go back to version 8.21 in this regard too.

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OK, for some reason I was under the impression that there was an issue between MJPEG (the new codec used for captured files) and the AVI container at certain frame rates.
I just checked and there doesn't seem to be any issue. I don't have iTunes or cSwing though, so please test this file against these players and let me know if it works (only a few frames). If it works I will restore the container format selector.

Yes it is a consequence of a fundamental change in the recording architecture. There is no going back to the previous architecture because it was not good enough to allow the recording of HD stream at 30fps which I think is a must. The only way to emulate it would be to implement the old behavior on top of the new architecture but it will be a bit of a pain.

Can you describe a bit more how you combine recording and delay? How do you know when to hit record?


Hi Joan , thanks for the answer.
1. The file you posted is OK, I can open it with Windows Media and CSwing, so that part is fine!
2. When I practice golf in front of the cameras I have the screen divided in two, with both cameras (PS3, face on and down the line) delayed the maximum, which with 60 fps is 10 seconds.
I would hit a ball, and 75% of the time I would just see the swing at normal speed with the delayed time. However, sometimes I hit a ball better or with a specific condition (either a movement or a launch monitor output) that I want to check in detail with slow motion. For those swings (25% of total) I have 10 seconds to go from my golf mat to the PC and press the red button that record the delayed swing in both cameras for 2 seconds (swing timeframe). Then, or later, I sit down and open the 2 files in a video player (Kinovea, Cswing, etc) to check it in Slow Motion.
If I don’t have the delayed option to record a swing, How would I press the button to record AFTER I hit the ball? It is impossible!, So I would have so save ALL the swings , and discard those that I don’t want to see in detail (75%). It’s a waste of time and a waste of PC resources because of more swings saved and longer. With the delayed video I just save the swing (2 sec), but with the live recording I would have to press the button, go to the mat, hit the ball, go back to the PC and press the button again, that being more than 10 sec.
I hope this description helps. Tell me if you need more info


Dear Joan,

In case it helps, I have looked at the avi clip you provided and it plays in iTunes and VLC 2 on Mac and PC. (The Mac may be making use of FlipforMac which is an AVI codec add on for iTunes). It can be successfully imported to Media Player and Windows Movie Player on the PC so it appears to be good for a wide variety of uses. It also works in ffmpeg (Mac and PC) which is useful for me as it will allow batch conversion to correct the speed of playback from cameras running slower than 30fps.

I am very much looking forward to the next release.