Topic: 2 Video Playback Synced, but can't scroll through entire video

The issue is syncing 2 videos. I have 2 videos from 2 different cameras that I want to  view side-by-side. When using Kinovea.Setup.0.8.15, when I use the Common Controls at the  bottom of the screen, I drag the slider bar and the video becomes desynced. By the time I  drag the bar to the far right the 2 videos are desynced by around by a few minutes.

But when I use Kinovea 0.8.24, the videos are perfectly synced. But now there is a new  problem. When I drag the Common Control slider bar towards the right, the videos are perfectly synced, but when it hits the 35 minute mark (green slider bar is about 33% across), the green slider bar disappears and both videos jump back to their start positions! I tried versions 08.23 and 08.22 and the issue exists in those versions too. I am sending a log. I can't  send you the videos because they are too big, one is 600MB and the other 1.4GB, both are 2 hours long.

I don't see an option to attach a log, so I mail email you the log directly.