congratulations for the program, really well done! Is fantastic!

Sorry for my bad english..

Now, after trying it with the PC Webcam (very poor) and using my smartphone as IP Camera, I would like to try it with something better ..

I have to take actions of volleyball and would like some advice on configuring video capture.

I have a Windows PC, then no FireWire, only USB3.

The assumptions are:
WebCam Logitech C930 or 920 (or other suggested?)
a box of video capture connected HDMI to my Reflex Sony A57

Which would give the best results?

Both are HD or Full HD, 30 fps ..

Does anyone have any piece of recorded video with a similar setup?



A C920 should give very decent results. You can configure stream, image size, framerate, exposure and gain directly in Kinovea. There is also special code to directly store the MJPEG stream to disk in order to reach peak performance during recording and avoid frame drops.
One drawback is that focus is built for room-scale and degrades a bit if the subject is at 5 meters or more.
I haven't personally tested the C930 but from all I've gathered there is no real advantage as far as filming sport is concerned.

Theoretically the Reflex would give a much better image but I'm not sure it will work at all. Does the HDMI output let you stream the live content seen by the sensor to a TV ? Or is it just to feed back videos previously recorded on the internal storage ? Also, video capture boxes haven't been tested and I haven't had any report that any of them work.


Thanks Joan,
connecting my camera to the TV with HDMI cable, I see on TV while recording.
But if no one has ever tested a hdmi grabber .. at the moment I saving € 200 to buy it ..

you can see a piece of video shot with the Logitech?
just to not spend € 120 unnecessarily



I read on the blog also about the ELP-USBFHD01M room, it looks very good, perhaps best of Logitech?

If you could have some sample videos of both .. it would be very useful to start working.

thank you



The ELP has some advantages but it definitely has a lower image quality than the C920. There are some sample videos of the ELP at the bottom of the blog post, shot with not ideal lighting (as is often the case).

(I think you should be able to get the Logitech for less than 70€ now, as the price has dropped).


Thanks Joan,
I've see the video of the ELP camera, very good!

video at 60fps, although dark, is very nice, slowing the video sees the ball well, that certainly goes very fast ..
With Logitech, it is even better? even at 60 fps?
thank you