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Topic: Angle calculation

Maybe its an old post but I've just realized that when you draw an angle onto a video, when you make zoom higher the value of the angles change.
I supose that it happens due to the pixel calculation... is it right?
Which is the real angle value, then? The one that is expressed when amplifiing zoom (to 200% for example) or the angle expressed at the actual pixel size of the video?
This in version 0.8.15 (I have not tried in the new one)

In version 0.8.24, there is another problem or may be I'm not doning things right... When I clik onto the angle tool (simple) and then click on the articular center it does not appear on the screen. I don't know the reason but it does not happens always...

Re: Angle calculation

Please try the bug related to zooming in 0.8.24, there were important changes regarding precision since 0.8.15, the coordinates are now stored in subpixel precision. I'm interested to know if you can reproduce it.

The bug where an angle drawing would vanish out of thin air has been fixed for 0.8.25. To avoid the problem in 0.8.24 you should keep the mouse down until the second leg of the angle is placed. 1. mouse down to add the angle, 2. stay mouse down and move away a bit, 3. mouse up.

Re: Angle calculation

I've tried to calculate angles the way you say and it works, problem solved smile

And also tried the zoom when angle is calculated and in version 0.8.24 does not change. It is stable. Then, if I work with 0.8.15 (because I use it in biomechanics practic lessons with students and in the Uni computers we can only install the stable version) which is the angle it is better to use? the one that appears in 100% zoom or the amplified one? (at the moment of the calculus)