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Topic: Using 0.8.15 and 0.8.25 side by side


Jusqu'à présent, j'utilisais la version stable 8.15. Pour tester les nouvelles fonctionnalités de la version 8.25 (notamment la mesure d'angles), je l'ai installé.

Par contre, depuis que j'ai installé cette version expérimentale 8.25, je n'arrive plus à récupérer les vidéos avec les objets Kinovea qui étaient insérés dedans.


1) Est-ce qu'il est possible de récupérer les objets Kinovea (réalisées avec une version 8.15) avec la version 8.25 ?

2) Est-ce qu'il est possible de faire cohabiter les versions 8.15 et 8.25 sur un même ordi? Il semble que l'installation de la version expérimentale 8.25 a écrasé la version stable 8.15?

Merci d'avance pour vos infos

En english, sorry i was a bit tired at the end of the week.

Until now, i used the stable version 8.15. But, after having intalled the version 8.25, i didn't manage to retrieve the video with the kinovea objets that I have created with the version 8.15

1) Is it possible to retrieve with the version 8.25 the video with the kinovea objets created with a former version ?

2) Is it possible to have the stable version 8.15 and the experimental version 8.25 on the same computer ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Re: Using 0.8.15 and 0.8.25 side by side

I am interested in having 8.15 and 8.25 both on my computer also.

There were two posts that mentioned having both versions on the same computer but the terms used were not familiar to me.

Re: Using 0.8.15 and 0.8.25 side by side

You can use the .zip version of 0.8.25. After extraction it will operate from its directory with its own settings and program files. You can even put it on a thumb drive if you want. It's the so-called "portable application" version and doesn't need to be formally installed. Note that it should be extracted to a place where you have write rights though, so not under "C:\Program Files" for example.

In 0.8.15 there was a special export mode where the analysis data was embedded in the video as a subtitle stream. This is no longer supported directly. It should however be possible to reopen the file in 0.8.15 and re-export the analysis in a standalone file (.kva), and then import that file back into 0.8.25. I haven't tried in a while but the newer version should still have a converted to read the old data format.