Topic: Maximum delay halves when opening playback window

I am using a live camera feed with maximum delay (15s 1280x720@30fps). When I record from the live feed and I open the video for playback in a second window, the maximum delay is cut in half (7,5s 1280x720@30fps).
The slider and the text don't update and the delayed stream freezes (for 7,5s). This can be resolved by clicking inside the slider.
When closing the second (playback)window, the maximum delay goes to 15s again, but the video freezes again for 7,5s (buffering the feed of 7,5-15s).

My main issue lies in the fact that the maximum delay is cut in half, the GUI updating is not that important.

(If I find some more time to look into this issue, I will also post some log-files).

Re: Maximum delay halves when opening playback window

The halving of the maximum delay is by design actually, as it is backed by memory. You may go to Options > Preferences > Capture > Memory, and check the total memory used for capture buffers. When using dual screen, this amount of memory is split between the screens. The maximum memory that you can allocate will be much increased in the next version when using the x64 build.

The image should only freeze if your current delay value places you inside the second half of the delay buffer, where the buffer has to be reconstructed.