Topic: For swim analysis: need rotate image function

I currently have a camera that won't allow me to flip the video image in record. To do a swim analysis first I'll need to flip the video. Please Kinovea add this function! Mirror is there and so close but no cigar! I can accomplish this with Movie Maker, but it's not time effective. Does anyone else have a quicker flip workaround for Windows 10? Thanks all!

Re: For swim analysis: need rotate image function

Yeah no solution at the moment, sorry about that. Personally I use AviSynth and VirtualDub when I need to preprocess videos for rotation/crop and whatnot. But it's more of a programmer's tool and still requires to re-save the video so the workflow is not that streamlined.

This is becoming close to the top requested feature at the moment though. I will have another look at it at some point to see if doing this at the image level just before rendering is acceptable performance wise.

Re: For swim analysis: need rotate image function

Thank you! Yes, flip is critical for my use of the program with my current filming set up. If this were to become a new feature of Kinovea, when, perhaps, might it become first available? Thanks so much!