Topic: disable auto-synchronize

I use the space bar to start and stop video playback. Unfortunately, when two videos are being analyzed, and I use the space bar in this way, each goes back to the beginning and starts, despite having my cursor rest on the video I intend to start/stop. I'd love a feature to prefer that this feature be disabled when viewing two videos. I want the two videos to not sync.


Re: disable auto-synchronize

I agree it's annoying, it has happened to me as well. However I think it's important to have a shortcut for the synchronized playback and using the same shortcut as for the single video case makes sense in my opinion.

The problem is that at the moment there is no distinction between opening two videos for synchronization or just for looking at two videos individually. We need to figure out a heuristic to distinguish these use cases. Maybe keep them independent until the user actually clicks on the synchronization button?

Re: disable auto-synchronize

Yes! Agreed! Make the default to view and start/stop videos independent of each other, and then have the synchronize button available for when you want to use that feature.

Thanks for taking a look!