Hi, I'm new here! smile I'll use Kinovea in "post-production", but I would like to take advantage of the real time recording.
This is a comment I read inside an old post (2016):

I'll describe a use case I think would be great to have:
5 second recording = Player does his action
10 second delay = Player gets to the screen
5 second replay = Player sees his action full speed
20 second replay ie 1/4 speed = Player sees his action in slow motion
5 second replay = Player sees his action again in full speed

Is this possible now? I'm interested because in my opinion is useful to have an immediately feedback of the perceived quality of movement. I know I can record the action and then see it frame by frame, useful but less rapid/automatic. Or should I consider other options/software/integrated camera sofware?

I was thinking to show the action thanks to a projector, but the environment is bright..
So shopping tips for a new camera: I need 1080p and over 200fps. I was thinking about GoPro Hero 7 ot 8, because I would use it maybe in other situations. However if you have cheaper advices to save money.. big_smile
Thanks a lot! smile


You can now set it to automatically stop recording after a few seconds and then automatically open the file as instant replay in a loop, see "replay folder observer". The kind of programmable scenario as you quoted is still not possible.

Note that the webcam mode in the new GoPro Hero 7 & 8 is not currently supported in Kinovea so you won't be able to use these cameras for direct streaming into the program.

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Ok, about the camera, I knew about the unsupported GoPro webcam mode. But can I use GoPro through a HDMI cable and a video capture card?
Which cheap camera do you recommend with such properties (both webcam mode and wired)?

I searched "Open replay folder observer" to have that function, please confirm me if it's correct.
I save this to a text file and rename it with a .xml extension (but I should change the directory):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <Name>Single replay</Name>

And drag the xml file on top of Kinovea.exe.
Cause I don't understand what means "use the -workspace option".

Thanks again wink


Re: replay folder observer,

Go to menu "File > Open replay folder observer" and point it to the folder where your files are saved. That is, the same path you set in capture preferences. What this does is create a playback screen that is constantly monitoring this particular folder for new files. When you capture a file it will open and read it.


Re: replay folder observer
ah ok, awesome! (sorry, I thought you weren't talking about the beta version big_smile )

Re: camera
I considered GoPro because it's very versatile, but obiousvly I'm not obsessed by it. If it's webcam mode is not supported by Kinovea, there are two solutions: use cable (yeah I know that new versions have not hdmi output and I should buy GoPro media mods and also a Hdmi Video Capture Card). Or look for another camera, but I don' know which one sad
I saw this low budget camera on Amazon, but i don't know how much to trust the features 1080P/ 120fps, 720P/ 240fps and if I camera can directly record without fish-eye effect.
What do you think? Maybe I'll look for a camera as a mirrorless? Can't I record thanks to a smartphone, isn't it?
Anyway, thank you very much for the support!


I don't know about that camera but I'm confident it doesn't stream 1080p@120 fps to the outside, that spec is what goes to the SD card.

You can record with a smartphone, you need to install an "IP camera" application that outputs an MJPEG stream, like "IP Webcam" for Android. This won't get you to 1080p@120 though.

Another option is industrial "machine vision" cameras, like Daheng Imaging, Basler, IDS. These have much better perfs but are more expensive and you have to buy a lens in addition to the camera, but quality-wise they are the best.


I don't even know specifically the camera that I linked to you, now I think GoPro works the same way: Sd card and not direct stream with that spec?
Is this the same problem I may find with a mirrorless? For example Sony DSC-RX100M4 has a HFR option: Full HD at 240/250 fps and HD at 480/500 fps, until 1000 fps.
Yes, I tried with Droidcam, but the quality and delay are annoying. it's a shame because the new smartphones are doing pretty well with filming (e.g. I use a validated app called MyJump2 to evaluate some movements).
I read right here about "machine vision" cameras, but I didn't mention them because of the cost. I will evaluate the choice among those you wrote above, provided that these mirrorless do not work (y).