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I intend to build a 3 camera system to analyze sports movement.
I would very like to use a laptop instead of a workstation for portability.
The problem is that all the 4 input gb ethernet cards are PCIe and wont fir into a laptop.
My question here is if a switch can handle bandwith for 3 cameras at 60 fps, monochrom at resolutions no more than 720.
I m not sure if I got all the specs of technical terms right, would be great to get some help.

Thank you



Hi, I don't think the MER-160 exists in GigE / Ethernet variant, only USB3.


Hello Joan,
yes it is correct. The ethernet model is the mer 051. I already found out that I can run 3 of then over a PoE switch at a maximum of about 80 fps. The bandwith wont allow any more than that. It should be enough for my application though. If I need 120 fps I can get that with 2 cameras and 240 fps with one. For multiple cameras at 240 fps I need a desktop with a multy channel ethernet PCIe card. The lens should be 4 mm I guess. Hope all this stuff helps out any new guys that don t know how to get started.