I have a MER2-041-438U3C that I have configured to output 640x480 RGB Color at 480FPS with the exposure set to 1900 and the Gain set to auto. This camera frequently comes up with what appears to be default settings of 720x540 RGB at 99.5FPS Auto Framerate, exposure at 10000 and Gain set to zero. This seems to happen only upon plugging in the camera so it might be a power-up issue.

I also seem to have sporadic issues with the Daheng camera simply not showing up and even more sporadicly showing up upside down.

I have no issues with any of my Basler cameras. I currently use acA720-520um and acA720-520uc running at 480FPS on the color camera and 960FPS on the mono (at 720x270).