Great program.  I had purchased Dart Fish and felt like it was worth the price and used it alot for the first 6 months.  Then my laptop got stolen while I was doing a tennis camp in Chile and my desktop computer crashed so I lost the two licenses avail from Dart Fish...not worth it anymore. 

Most of the features I used in Dart Fish are available here.  One feature that i miss is the ability to draw shapes to highlight something.  Is this a feature that has been considered?




Basically two types of shapes are being considered.
1. basic geometric drawings (rectangles and ellipses). This is not implemented yet.
2. Complex shapes that the user can modify or even create himself in an SVG editor. This is known as "Observational References" and can be as complex as you want. They were introduced in experimental version 0.8.8 (maybe not fully polished), there is a screenshot in this thread.


Wow I really like the idea of being able to do custom and more complex images.  Really well thought out.