One scenario that haven't been tested (to my knowledge) is how the program reacts when two cameras of the exact same brand and model are connected to the computer.
If any one can test this setup, please report. (experimental version 0.8.13 needed)

When clicking the configuration button, does the device list display two different entries ?
I realize it may also depend on the device driver, since it needs to be capable of handling two devices at once.



Hi Jon,

just tested it with two PS3 eye cameras (cheap and cheerful), the first screen works fine but I cannot find any way to select the second camera.  I regret my computer knowledge does not stretch to editing the camera drivers to see if that would help. I was wondering if two very slightly different drivers allow the PC to differentiat the devices ?


Yes I think the PS3Eye driver is one example of a driver that doesn't support 2 cameras connected at once.
(Unless using the SDK that the people at CodeLaboratories propose, but it means developping code specifically around these devices).


I have this setup.  I have 2 Canon MiniDV camcorders connected via firewire and the first screen/camera is detected fine, the second I have to click the video source button and manually select the second camera listed then it works fine as far as I can tell.  Is there a way to identify them as camera 1 and camera 2, etc.  I think that's how my 3D system (which I can connect 4 of the same MiniDV cameras to it) and the SiliconCoach system do it.  Right now I see in the pull down menu that both cameras are listed with the same name, maybe this is why the program doesn't load the second camera?


Awesome ! Thanks for the feedback smile
The problem with the second screen is general and exists even for different models.
When the second screen is created, it doesn't realize the first camera of the list of devices is already streaming to the other screen and it tries to connect to it. It doesn't fail, we just get a black screen…
Apparently it's a bit tricky to know if a given device is already in use by another application. However detecting that it is used by the other screen should be doable… (The hard part is not to break the automatic reconnection mechanism)


Great, let me know how I can help.

Here's something I just looked at.  With the other systems I usually connect and turn on the camcorders before opening the program.  So I just turned on my camcorders and Windows (XP) lists them in the My Computer window as Canon MiniDV Camcorder and Canon MiniDV Camcorder #2.  Might the commercial programs be reading this labeling info?

I just opened Kinovea and the second windows briefly flashed "Disconnected" before going black.

In the select source pulldown menu, it's lists Microsoft DV Camera and VCR twice.  I'm pretty sure in the other programs the second one is listed as #2 in the source list.

Hope that helps.