Yes I agree, IP cameras do provide much more flexibility especially when the sport is outdoors or in a big area.

It took me a while to solve this issue. The fact you can get your IP cam stream on VLC/skype is a very good sign. The idea is to save this configuration as 'default' so the directshow filter will automatically connect to it.

Some ideas:
- set IP camera on a static IP address
- Once IP stream is open on VLC, close and reboot computer. Restart IP stream on VLC without re-configuring. If this does not work, repeat the step. Once IP stream is connected without reconfiguration, Kinovea should be able to pick up the stream.
- If all else fails, re install directshow filter and Kinovea

Hopefully this crude method can solve some short term problems. The next experimental version should contain the ability to configure the directshow filter directly from inside Kinovea.


i just tested Alax directshow filter :
(§ "download link" in the middle of the page)

it works with with my ip cam dlink 3710B1
other filters given here did not work